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Wix Studio has some of the best business focused features we have seen impemented seamlessly in the platform. Booking and scheduling abilities, product pages, e-mail list growth, managing customer contact on the platform, and more. Wix really is our favorite platform for many of our clients websites.

Business Focused Features

We had our fair share of experiences with other preferred platforms that gave "More freedom". The constant need to make sure all the plug-ins and functionality worked was time consuming, frustrating, and affected our business. That's why we use, and suggest platforms like Wix Studio for how reliable it is. Everything works together all the time. We never have to worry about our website not showing up for us when we most need it. 

All at a low monthly fee.

Super Stable and Reliable

Update your site to be responsive on any device. But also the ability to include very simple design elements that will give your website modern feel and functionality. Want to keep it very simple and functional? Easy! Want to do something creative and very interactive? That can be done as well! Wix Studio is very easy to upgrade the level of your website in the future. 

Great Design Capabilities

Why Wix Studio ?

Limited Offer:
Websites Starting At $949

Why Act Now?

Limited Availability

This crazy pricing won't last long. As demand increases, so will our prices. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!​

Fast Turnaround

Our efficient process allows us to deliver your site within 1-2 weeks. The quicker you correspond with us, the quicker we can bring your site to life. Need it even faster? We can expedite the process for an additional fee.

The Process

Need More? That's Not A Problem!

Need help with domain transfer or taking your site live? Feel you need more than one page to showcase how dynamic your buisness is? Want to add some additional functionality options? Of course you can. At $949 your site is fully capable but we offer these options to custom tailor the site to your needs. You can add these services at checkout or come back to us later. The process to upgrade or custom tailor your site is straightforward, and we're here to help.

Simple & Straight Forward

Our process is designed to be efficient and stress-free:

  1. Purchase the offer below with our secure checkout. We take many forms of payment including Apple Pay and Afterpay.

  2. After you purchase you will be sent an onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your business and needs. This is essential to a expedited and efficient experience for you. 

  3. (Optional) Book a call to discuss your project.

  4. We'll create the first revision and send it to you for feedback. (You can interactively make notes directly on the website pages!)

  5. After one round of revisions, we'll deliver your site, ready for you to go live.

We also provide clear directions on making notes on the Wix Studio platform and next steps after receiving your site.

Added Benefits

To be honest, we can go on and on and on about the benefits of this platform Wix Studio, this offer, and working with Cubist Creative Studio. Here are a few, but if you want to know more before purchasing, let's set up a quick call to get more familiar. 

Mobile Friendly & Optimized

Many businesses lack mobile-friendly, optimized websites, yet most customers search for businesses on their phones. With phone and browser technology changing at a rapid speed, we ensure your site is fully optimized for mobile to reach your audience where they are.

Informed And Engaged

Our websites are designed to keep your customers well-informed and confident in your services, making it easier for them to be educated, contact you, and initiate business.

Ready To Go Live

These websites are fully capable of going live at this limited offer price. We offer beneficial options and upgrades to customize the package to your needs, but we aim to deliver a fully usable, quality site at the price of this offer.

Less Risk, More Reward

Having been in your shoes, we aim to build an offer at a price point with less risk for you. It's a lower-risk investment with high potential returns.

Additional Services

Need more? We offer complementary services to enhance your new site, including SEO, creative email marketing, content creation, and more.

Cubist Creative Studio transformed our online presence with a stunning website that perfectly captures our brand. The process was seamless, and the result is a beautiful, mobile-friendly site that our customers love. We saw an immediate increase in engagement and inquiries. Highly recommend their services!

Taleen S.

Bright Start Child Development Center

Starting at $949

What's Included In This Offer​

  • One page responsive modern website.

  • Hero/Headline, About, Services, Contact sections on a single page.

  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile, desktop, and other devices in between.

  • You bring the info about your company, and the photos. We will do basic optimization for you. (Additional photos and copy services available if needed, with a super simple process.)

  • Set up for you to easily add a domain and take live at your convenience.

  • Expanded options and functionality add-ons are available at competitive pricing aligned with this offer. 

  • Responsive support from our team. We are here to help you transition through the process. 

Customer Review

I was blown away by how quickly and efficiently Cubist Creative Studio delivered our website. For just $899, we received a high-quality, professional site that looks amazing and works flawlessly. The team was responsive and easy to work with. This service is a game-changer for small businesses!

Christina Sullivan, Life Coach

Cubist Creative Studio didn't just build our website—they also helped us implement an email marketing strategy that has dramatically improved our customer engagement. Their creative and professional approach to email blasts has kept our audience informed and excited about our services. We've seen a significant boost in customer satisfaction and retention since.

Sean Douglass, Operations Manager

I needed a website quickly for an upcoming product launch, and Cubist Creative Studio delivered in record time. The site is sleek, modern, and fully optimized for mobile. Their efficiency and attention to detail are unmatched. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing a professional website fast.

Chloe Wilson

Who Are We?

We are a creative studio in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in content creation and production on one end of the spectrum, but also creative and marketing solutions for businesses, brands, and soloprenuers on the other end of the spectrum. Websites, Creative e-mail marketing, SEO, and content creation are some of our specialties for business and brands.

My name is Preston, President of Cubist Creative Studio. I personally will be working on your website and with your business. Even at this offer. I see so many offers that are low and i wonder, who is doing them? What will the communication be like? That is why i wanted to make sure my clients know, and feel comfortable with who they are building their online presence with. Rest assured you're in good hands and im eager to create something amazing with you!

Why This Price?

You might be wondering why we're offering such an incredible deal. As a former small business owner and solopreneur, I understand the challenges of finding affordable, quality web design. This is an opportunity I wish I had, and now I'm offering it to help others. In order to offer this deal we will only be building these sites on Wix Studio. Which is a very powerful, user and business friendly platform.

Ready to Win?
Secure Your Professional Website for Only $949!

Not Ready To Purchase And Have Some Questions?

Maybe you have some more questions about this offer, or interested in what other services we offer. You might even want to make sure we are real people (Yes, we are and located in mostly sunny Los Angeles), or have some needs that are close, but beyond the scope of the offer. Let's set up a chat to discuss your needs. 

Usual Questions Of The Curious

Why priced so low? What's the catch?

There is no catch. We're completely transparent about the price, what you get, and our process. I wanted to offer something i needed at one point. Great quality, amazing looking, reliable (site and service) at a price i could stomach. I am not sure it is sustainable, but we are going to offer for a handful of clients and see how it pans out.


To offer a website at this price, we focus on simplicity. This deal includes a fully functional landing page or simple business site with essential sections, designed to maximize your online and SEO presence. We use a platform that keeps costs low, and we leave domain connection and publishing to you or your team. Additional features and services are available as add-ons, still at competitive prices, ensuring you get a highly functional and visually appealing website.

What is included in the $949 package?

The $949 package includes a professionally designed one-page website built on Wix Studio. This website features a hero section, an about section, a services section, a testimonial section (if you have them), and a contact section. Additionally, we provide basic SEO setup to help boost your online visibility.

We offer one round of revisions to address any tweaks and changes you might want. Beyond that, you can pay for additional updates. One of the reasons we chose Wix Studio is its excellent support and infrastructure, which includes a wealth of learning materials and resources. This means you can easily learn to make updates and changes yourself. Having been left hanging by designers in my early business days, I ensure our clients use platforms with robust support, so anyone can manage their site with confidence.

How long will it take to complete my website?

Typically, we aim to complete your website within 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your requirements and the speed of your feedback during the design process. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality website as quickly as possible.

Thoroughly filling out the questionnaire after purchase will help expedite this process. Providing all your logo files, photo and video assets, and responding promptly with feedback during the revision process will also speed things up. If you have an existing site, we can use as many of its assets as possible. If this is a brand-new site, we can discuss additional services to create imagery for you using stock photos and AI.

Can I add more features or pages to my website?

Yes, you can! While the $949 package covers a basic one-page website, we offer additional features and pages at competitive prices. If you need more pages, domain connection, special functionalities, or other enhancements, we can provide these as add-ons to suit your needs. Use the drop down menu on the product page to add the functionality you think you will need. And of course you can e-mail us or set up a call to further discuss any functionality additions you have questions on. 

Will I be able to update and manage my website on my own?

Absolutely. Wix Studio is user-friendly and designed for easy management. After your website is launched, you’ll be able to update and manage it yourself. We also provide resources and guidance to help you navigate the platform. If you need ongoing support, we offer additional services to assist you.

I Look Forward To Hearing From YOU! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions pre or post purchase. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you elevate your online presence!

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